As the credits roll on Algerias dictator, a timely reminder of why history must not be repeated

The screening of a 1966 film about their countrys bitter colonial conflict has seen Algerians unite in peaceful protest More than half a century since it was released and promptly banned by French authorities The Battle of Algiers, depicting the bloody struggle for Algerias independence from France in 1962, still has the power to shock. On Friday night, the black-and-white, 1966 film relating Algerian anti-colonial guerrilla warfare and its brutal repression by the French military was screened in Paris. London-based musical activists Paris-Londres Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific

When Youre In A Strong Relationship, You Can Still Feel Lonely

Holly Riordan Updated April 9, 2019 By Alexandra Marcu My boyfriend is my best friend. I love spending time with him. I love seeing movies together and getting drunk together and talking about ridiculous hypothetical situations together. I love how open and honest and unabashedly I can be around him. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend — but I still miss having friends. I’ve grown apart from a lot of the people who were close to me when I was younger. I didn’t cut them out of my life as soon as I started dating. I didn’t shun the outside world because I entered a relationship. I started drifting apart from them before I even found a boyfriend. It …

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Sex Stories Betches

I’m sure we all have our fair share of awkward sex stories. Maybe it was when you lost your virginity and he poked around for 10 minutes trying to find the hole with no luck. Or maybe it was last week when your period came early all over his white sheets. I’m honestly cringing just thinking about it all of my embarrassing sex stories (and trust me, there are a lot). But once you get past the embarrassment of accidentally letting one rip while you’re doing it, it makes for a great story down the line. And what’s better than your own embarrassing sex stories?  Embarrassing celebrity sex stories. Whether it makes them seem more human or makes me feel better …

Amazon reportedly readying its Alexa-powered answer to AirPods

Amazon is ready to challenge Apple with a cheaper, Alexa-powered set of wireless earbuds. If successful, it would carve out a space for the popular digital assistant, and its deep connections to the rest of Amazon’s ecosystem, in the mobile world Amazon has hitherto largely failed to penetrate. But that’s a big if. A report from Bloomberg details the upcoming hardware, which sounds a lot like AirPods (and the handful of other wireless sets that have appeared): a pair of small wireless in-ear buds, a case that doubles as a charger and built-in controls and a mic so you can control your music, talk to friends and ask Alexa things on the go. Of course, the obvious question is how …

Jimmy Fallon’s Bernie Sanders Turns ‘Old Town Road’ Into A Hilarious 2020 Anthem

Jimmy Fallon broke out his impression of Sen. Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.  the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 ― into “Old Town Hall” and is full of sly references to 2020 campaign issues.   Pete Buttigieg.  Got a chance to see Mayor Pete’s ID We’re both born in ’83 But in different centuries. Download Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific